About us


NRG Legal is a combination of more than ten years of professional expertise of three lawyers. We combine experience in contemporary legal services for modern business, with a sensitivity for the most difficult situations faced by individuals. We know what our clients expect from a trusted legal advisor, and what they expect from a lawyer who is representing them in court.


NRG Legal is a combination of expertise in carefully selected areas of law with an established foundation of general knowledge. We direct our model of legal services not only to businesses but also to individuals interested in obtaining the highest quality of legal support. We advise domestic and foreign clients, with particular emphasis on the German-speaking area. 

Positive energy

NRG Legal is a combination of our knowledge, experience, and life philosophy. Cooperating with us will provide you with tailor-made legal advice, guided by the highest standards of confidentiality and discretion. We understand that individuals find themselves today in a legal environment that is often not adapted to innovative thinking. Therefore, we are creative and open to precedent-making solutions. At the same time, we do not lose our sense of humor and positive attitude towards work and the world. We work in our profession with passion and joy. We are fully committed to serving our clients.