Intellectual creation is a key component of modern business. Distinguishing oneself on the market requires innovative products, attractive design, clever branding, and creative ideas for advertising. In each of these areas, on the one hand it is necessary to respect the intellectual property of others, and on the other hand it is important to protect one’s own work from imitation.

We have experience in advising on copyright law especially, among others, for clients from the media industry who are particularly interested in this subject.

In our offer, we include:

  • legal consultations on the preparation of business strategies related to the production, use, or trade of all kinds of intangible assets, such as literary or artistic works, architectural designs, computer software, music, songs, films, artistic performances, or broadcasting programs
  • advice on the preparation, evaluation, and negotiation of contracts for all kinds of intangibles, in particular publishing contracts, agreements for the transfer of copyrights and all types of license agreements
  • advice at the stage of identifying copyright infringement
  • legal support and representation in disputes related to intangible assets, also in relations with collecting societies , either through an arbitration or judicial route.


Contact person: Piotr Niezgódka