Cooperation with partners from other countries, international travel, starting a business or professional activities in another country, or accidents, are all situations that require knowledge of national law, as well as equally relevant European and international regulations. The latter help to overcome national borders. However, they also create a comprehensive catalog of complex legal norms, which apply to events that occur beyond the boundaries of a single state. Knowledge of these standards and their correct application are among the most complicated areas of law, requiring particularly careful legal analysis.

We have extensive experience in conducting complex litigation between parties from different countries. The precedential nature of many of these cases, as well as the arguments presented by us, have affected judicial decisions and also led to significant changes in the provisions of international civil procedure.

In our offer, we include:

  • legal assistance in determining the court and legal system competent to hear a case
  • representation in any legal disputes with an international element
  • consultation on the principles of litigation in other countries, with particular emphasis on German-speaking countries.


Contact person: Karolina Góralska