Recovering the costs of treatment resulting from unexpected situations in another country is difficult, and is met on the territory of Poland with practical obstacles. Although the European Union has provided uniform regulations in this regard, the pursuit of such claims still poses a challenge. Oftentimes one is faced not only with doubts regarding the principle of the claim, but also its scope. Sometimes, the right to a claim is even questioned.

We have unique experience in Poland in conducting proceedings against insurance companies for damages and recourse. As the first in Poland, we forced through claims filed in court and brought about the formation of a uniform line of jurisprudence. We work with the largest European insurance companies and leading international health insurance bodies.

In our offer, we include:

  • pursuing claims against foreign health insurance companies and health insurance bodies
  • support in evaluating and formulating claims against Polish insurance companies arising from events with a cross-border element
  • representation in disputes against Polish insurance companies.


Contact person: Konrad Rupiewicz