Information systems and software are strategic components of modern business, as is a professionally prepared online presence. Each of these areas require comprehensive analysis of the legal situation, whether in the development of necessary documentation, or in connection with the requirements imposed by applicable law.

We have experience in complex IT projects from the side of consumers, as well as from the side of contractors. We work with a number of companies carrying out pioneering projects in the field of e-commerce.

Complementing our offer is the "recovery" of internet domains. In domain disputes we have represented, among others, clients from the media industry particularly interested in this subject.

In our offer, we include:

  • support for the preparation and implementation of projects in the IT industry, in particular to prepare and participate in the negotiation of contracts with the IT industry
  • advice at the stage of development, implementation, and execution of strategies connected to internet business models
  • support in preparing and offering opinions on all kinds of documentation related to business activity on the internet, in particular web regulations, disclaimers and consent clauses for specific user actions
  • legal consultation and representation in disputes related to internet business activity
  • advice on the identification of cases of domain registration in violation of the law
  • representation in the recovery of domain names, either through negotiation, or through arbitration or the court of law.


Contact person: Piotr Niezgódka