Investments using public funds are an important element in the development of the Polish economy. The value of individual contracts and the prestige associated with their implementation means that there is strong competition for such funds between businesses. This requires professional legal assistance in order to strengthen the position of the represented contractor, as well as to identify the shortcomings of competing contractors.

We work with entrepreneurs when submitting their tenders in public procurement procedures, providing them with, among other things:

  • advice on the analysis, interpretation, and explanation of the terms of reference (TOR) of the tender, and preparation in accordance with the tender requirements
  • support in the evaluation of offers of other contractors in terms of their compliance with the Terms of Reference, as well as the provisions of public procurement law
  • preparation of appeals and representation before the National Appeal Board, together with a possible assessment of the outcome and merits of complaints filed in court
  • preparing complaints against the decision of the National Appeal Board and representation before courts.


Contact person: Konrad Rupiewicz